We are your partner for sewage treatment systems

Industrial applications

Our scope of delivery offers waste water treatment systems as serial plants as well as customer-related solutions for different applications. The latest state-of-the-art technology and materials are applied.

We mainly use the flotation, sedimentation and neutralization process for the treatment of even most difficult waste waters.

Customized solutions offer customer-related units following the results gained in laboratory tests. They lead to perfectly matching construction and production.

A completely new unit has been developed for especially difficult waste waters. Our type “Batchflot” stands for a serial plant offering a multi-step treatment in the batch process within most different pH-areas. Thus, most different pollutants can be removed from waste waters in one cycle. Liquid cracking chemicals and an effective flotation technology ensure minimum sludge amounts thus resulting in low follow-up costs.

Our biological processes allow the application as recycling systems in vehicle and train washing plants. Statutory requirements are fulfilled by finest filtration and disinfection technology.

Thanks to an experience of more than 10 years we are offering vast expertise which helps us to professionally solve your waste water problems. In the manufacture of waste water treatment systems we mainly use different synthetic material. .

Special programs for the control of the units are written and applied by Siemens.

Required consumables can be delivered from stock within short notice. For the subsequent support and maintenance of the systems our service personnel is at your disposal.