Ultra and nano filtration plants are mostly applied in those cases where it is of importance to have utmost clean water which in most of the cases shall be used again.

Depending on the waste water to be treated different filter materials are used.

Application field

  • Recycling systems for highly pure waste water
  • Circuit water for crack testing plants
  • Ceramic industries
  • Grinding waste water
  • Swimming pool water
  • Waste water from waste water treatment plants


For highly contaminated and oil containing waste waters normally membrane systems with ceramic bodies are applied.

In case of more lightly contaminated waste waters as for example in swimming pools or as grey water following waste water treatment plants often polysulphone membranes as plunged or dryly installed form are applied.

According to the previous test results the correct membrane is selected and the plant is especially designed for the customer.

The following parameters are crucial for the determination of the system size or plant: the flux value, i.e. the amount to pass the filter, the possible pore size of the membranes to reach the discharge values and the standing time between two cleaning intervals.

Preceding tests provide the necessary safety for the correct dimensioning.

Small units with an output of approx. 100 l/h