Neutralization units are suitable for the pH-value correction in waste waters of different origin and composition. Types for processing quantities of 1,000 – 5,000 l/h are offered on a serial-production basis.

Depending on the case you may choose between a continuous or batch process. The output quantities are widely determined by the pH-value and thus by the addition of chemicals to the material of the incoming waste water. The layout criteria are based on a treatment time of approx. 30 minutes

Plant systems:

Neutra 500-10.000

Application field

  • Laboratory waste water (e.g. universities, schools, hospitals)
  • Waste water from commercial kitchens
  • Beverage industry
  • Bottle flushing
  • Rinsing water from electroplating
  • Industrial waste waters


The waste waters to be treated are supplied to the neutralization reactor. According to the selected procedures the following treatment steps are carried out:

The waste water freely falls through the reactor from supply to discharge. During this procedure a stirring device produces a homogenous mixture and the pH-value is constantly measured.

Depending on the given pH-values acid or base is dosed and added proportionally to the quantities. The desired flow values will be reached and are once again controlled during the process and then registered by means of digital recorder.