Product features


  • Compact and space-saving design
  • All-purpose application by means of modular design
  • Low operating costs
  • Optimum treatment of waste waters with high contaminant loads
  • Fully automatic working with freely adjustable process flow
  • Huge infinitely variable transfer rates
  • Optimum adaption for an effective waste water treatment
  • Liquid and firm treatment chemicals are applicable
  • Integrated band filter
  • Trouble-free system expansion and individual adaption by means of accessories on site
  • Chemical and physical waste water treatment system for the removal of oil, grease and heavy metals from waste waters
  • Energy-saving and user-friendly
    automatic design for
    the treatment of emulsion-charged
    waste water

Application areas, e.g.

  • Car dealers with parts cleaning
  • Grey water treatment
  • Effluents from boat washing
  • Surface waste water from chip stockyards
  • Inside tank cleaning of silo trucks
  • Container washing plants
  • Cream and skin care products manufacture
  • Kitchen waste waters with lipophilic
  • Cleaning of appliances and motors by means of
    HD lances
  • Soil remediation measures

Processor-controlled compact system: …

  • pH-value measurement and correction with
    freely selectable limit value (regulation range pH2-12)
  • Stirring unit
  • 3x chemicals dosing pumps for separating agents addition
  • Chemicals container with suction lance and filling level measurement
  • Chemicals collection drip pan according to
    WHG §19 …
  • Sack filter (SF)
  • Band filter (BF) with filling level
    supervision, fleece holder and fault report via light barrier …
  • Sludge dehydration container
  • Resources initial fitting out

Control: …

  • Housing of varnished steel, protection type IP 54
  • pH-measuring device with indicator and limit value adjustment
  • SPS-controlled operation flow
  • Control panel with menu guidance and adjustable times
  • Potential-free collecting error message
  • Connection possiblity for remote data transfer
  • Safeguarding according to the on-site conditions
  • Wired ready for connection
    protection according to object data sheet
  • Electric connection
    400 V/50 Hz/16 A resp. 32 A




Reaction container
AtM-Sed 300-C-SF300300240540100.40.01
Atm-Sed 600-C-BF600600255855100.40.04
AtM-Sed 1.0001,0001,0002801,280100.40.05

Further types with other performances are available.


TypDimensions (mm)


AtM-Sed 300-C-SF1,0008001,900
Atm-Sed 600-C-BF2,4001,1002,100
AtM-Sed 1.0002,6001,3002,200


DenominationDescriptionArticle No.
Dosing pumpFor further sewage water treatment.
Design with suction device
pH end controlOptically100.50.02
pH end controlOptically with digital recorder100.50.03
Sludge thickenerFor subsequent dehydration100.50.04
Signal module■ By means of remote data transmission (DFÜ)
■ Fault indication to mobile phone