Our processes for sludge processing mainly serve for the separation of sludge from the upcoming clear water and for the drying of sludge.

In case of smaller units this can be realized by a band filter, in case of larger units by means of a chamber filter press.

Chamber filter press

KfP 630×630 / 10-40

The chamber filter press (KfP) is the most commonly applied procedure to dehydrate sludge.

A KfP is especially applied in case of vast sludge quantities. The adaption to different quantities is carried out by means of differently sized plates and plate numbers. In this process the individual plates are compressed with up to 400 bar by means of a cylinder.

Following this a high pressure pump distributes the mixture of sludge and water into the chambers of the press and dehydrates it up to 12 bar pressure at the filter cloths. The filtrates can run off to the channel through canals on the side.  The sludge remains as firm cake in the chambers and falls into a sludge container after opening of the individual chambers.

Band filter

Bf 300-3000

Band filter units with consumption filter fibres are applied in case of waste waters of up to 1,000 l/h.

In this process with a solid material content of approx. 20% a filtering performance of up to 10 µm is achieved. The filtered waste water is led downward to the channel.

Except for the stainless steel shafts our band filter are completely made of plastic.

Our standard dimensions are a length of 1500 mm and widths of 620 and 820 mm. Special dimensions are also possible.